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  • Inspection of equipment exterior
  • Functionality check: functioning of interfaces and services provided. Can be carried out following instructions given by the client
  • Software update, factory reset and configuration setup according to client requirements
  • Cleaning off dust and dirt.
  • Refurbishment, replacement of scratched/tainted equipment surfaces
  • Whitening/Blacking
  • Inspection of components and accessories – power supply units, cords, remote control panels, etc.
  • Replacement of defective and damaged components and accessories, as well as replacement of old batteries with new ones.
  • Printing new packages and instructions.
  • Printing labels, serial numbers.
  • Repair and replacement of electrical circuit components, recovery of ‘dead’ software
  • Logistics of equipment (acceptance and dispatch) from / to branches of client’s company
  • Equipment storage in our warehouses
  • Check of equipment serviceability, its functionality upgrade, restoration of equipment exterior if necessary, accessories update
  • Disposal of discarded devices, parts, cables and other electronic and consumer waste
  • Registration of all equipment in the operator’s system.
  • Anything else under your request

Our cases (before/after):

Refurbished Technology and Circular Economy


A circular economy is one that encourages manufacturers and consumers to keep their electronic devices (and other products) in circulation longer. It involves repairing, reusing, or recycling products to extend their lifecycle, rather than tossing them in a landfill.

Electronics manufacturing demands a huge amount of energy and raw materials. When you keep a device in circulation longer, you don’t need to manufacture new devices as often, which results in reduced emissions, fewer raw materials used, and big energy savings.

The replacement cycle of our technology is speeding up. People now replace their electronics to often, typically because they no longer work, or in some cases because they simply want the newest model.

When you buy refurbished, you slow down that replacement cycle and boost the circular economy. This means big benefits to our environment in the form of:

  • Reduced demand for valuable natural resources
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • Less e-waste
  • Lower energy and fuel consumption due to less manufacturing

Refurbished technology isn’t just “used”. It’s refurbished to be good as new, with functionality and performance comparable to a new model. And it’s tested extensively to ensure optimal functionality and performance.


The re-use of professionally refurbished products has been accepted as widely established concept for environmental commitment.

Cost Reduction

Refurbished products can offer the same basic benefits as new products in many cases. It can lead to cost reduction of up to 90% of the original value.

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